on a mote of sand suspended in a sun beam

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"Those worlds do not exist and thus they are all that matter"

"Don’t fall in love with a curious 
They will want to know who you are, where you come from, what your family was like.
They will look through your photographs and read all of your poems. They will come over for dinner and speak to your mother about how their curiosity has taught them things of use to her. They will ask you to rant when you’re angry and cry when you’re hurt.
They will ask what that raised eyebrow meant. They will want to know your favorite food, your favorite color, you favorite person. They will ask why.
They will buy that camera you liked, pay attention to that band you love in case there’s a show near by, they will get you the sweater you smiled at once. They’ll learn to cook your favorite meals.
The curious people don’t settle for your shell, they want the insides.
They want what makes you heavy, what makes you uneasy, what makes you scream
for joy, and anger, and heartbreak.
Their skin will turn into pages
that you learn to pour out your entire being in.
Don’t fall in love with the curious one.
They won’t let a sigh go unexplained.
They will want to know what they did
Exactly what they did to make you love them.
Year, month, week, day.
“What time was it? What did I say? What did I do?
How did you feel?”
Don’t fall in love with a curious one because I’ve been there.
They will unbutton your shirt
and read every scar
every mark
every curve.
They will dissect your every limb, every organ, every thought, every being
then walk back home and eat their dinner and never return your calls.
You will never be their lifelong expedition. The heart is a mystery only for so long.
There is no ache like loving a curious one
who chases every falling star and never catching one.
Who comes and sees and conquers
and leaves.

I’ve fallen in love with a curious one.
Maybe one day he will take the train back home
and be curious enough to read one last message from me
carved on a seat.

"There’s a curiosity in you that will move mountains some day
as effortlessly as you’ve moved me for years.”

Don’t Fall In Love With The Curious 

"The origin of fear: The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger. It comes in many forms, unease, worry anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia and so on. This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen not of something that is happening now. You are in the here now while your mind is in the future. This creates an anxiety gap, and if you are identified with your mind and have lost touch with the power and simplicity of the now that anxiety gap will be our constant companion. You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection; you cannot cope with the ‘future’. Moreover, as long as you are identified with your mind, the ego runs your life. Because of it’s phantom nature and despite elaborate defense mechanisms, the ego is very vulnerable and insecure and it sees it’s self as constantly under threat, this by the way is the case even if the ego is outwardly very confident. Now remember that an emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind. What message is your body constantly receiving continuously from the ego, the false mind made self? Danger, I am under threat. And what is the emotion generated by this continuous message? Fear, of course. Fear seems to have many causes fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being hurt and so on. But ultimately all fear is the ego’s fear of death of inhalation. To the ego death is always around the corner. In this mind identified state, fear of death effects every aspect of your life. For example, even such a seemingly trivial and normal thing as the compulsive need to be right in an argument and make the other person wrong, defending the mental position with which you have identified, is due to the fear of death. If you identify with a mental position, then if you are wrong your mind based sense of self is seriously threatened with inhalation. So ‘you’ as the ‘ego’ cannot afford to be wrong, to be wrong is to die. Wars have been fought over this and countless relationships have broken down. Once you have dis-identified from your mind, whether you are right or wrong makes no difference to your sense of self at all. So the forcefully compulsive and deeply unconscious need to be right, which is a form of violence, will no longer be there. You can state firmly what you feel or what you think but there will be no aggressiveness or defensiveness about it. Your sense of self is then derived from a deeper and truer place within yourself, not from the mind. Watch out from any kind of defensiveness within yourself. What are you defending; an illusory identity. an image in your mind a fictitious entity. By making this pattern conscious by witnessing it, you dis-identify from it. In the light of your consciousness, the unconscious pattern will quickly dissolve. This is the end of all arguments and power games which are so corrosive to relationships. Power over others is weakness disguised as strength, true power is within and it is available to you now. The mind always seeks to deny the now and to escape from it. In other words, the more you are identified with your mind, the more you suffer. Or you may put it like this, the more you are able to honor and accept the now, the more you are free of pain, of suffering, and free of the egoistic mind. If you no longer want to create pain to yourself and others, if you no longer want to add to the residue to the past pain that still lives on in you, then don’t create any more time, or at least no more time than is necessary to deal with the practical aspects of your life. How to stop creating time; realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have make the now the primary focus of your life. Whereas before you dwelled in time and paid brief visits to the now, have your dwelling place in the now and pay brief visits to past and the future when required to deal with the practical aspects of your life situation. Always say yes to the present moment. ******* End the delusion of time, here is the key, time and the mind are inseparable remove time from the mind and it stops, unless you choose to use it. To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in your mind, is to be trapped in time. The compulsion, to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation. This creates an endless preoccupation with past and future and an unwillingness to honor and acknowledge the present moment and allow it to be. The compulsion arises because the past gives you an identity, and the future holds the promise of salvation of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions. The more you are focused on time, past and future, the more you miss the now, the most precious thing there is. Why is it the most precious thing? firstly, because it is the only thing, it’s all there is. The eternal present is the space within which your whole life unfolds, the one factor that remains constant. Life is now, there was never a time where your life was not now, nor will there ever be. Secondly, the now is the only point that can take you beyond the limited confides of the mind. It is your only point of access into the timeless and formless realm of being. Have you ever experienced, done, thought, or felt anything outside the now? Do you think you ever will? is it possible for anything to be or happen outside the now? The answer is obvious, is it not? Nothing ever happened in the past, it happened in the now. Nothing will ever happen in the future it will happen in the now. The essence of what I’m saying here cannot be understood by the mind. The moment you grasp it, there is a shift in consciousness from mind to being, from time to presence. Suddenly, everything feels alive, radiates energy, emanates being."

Eckhart Tolle